"The two most important days of your life are: the day you were born & the day you found out why." - Mark Twain



Our Production Crew

We are some dedicated and driven creatives. Together we challenge each other and grow our brand. We work on an array of projects and treat them as our own. Thank you for trusting us in bringing your vision to life.


Dale Muong
Creative Director + Founder


Kusta Deguzman
Recording Engineer


Gordon Lim

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Sunny Sirimanochanh
Recording Engineer


Eric Solorio
DP + Editor

Internship & other Positions

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Blake Selsor
Associate Video Producer



About Us

Our Story

Burgundy Suite Records, founded by Dale Keano in 2014, is a Silicon Valley based record label that focuses on artist management, development and music production. To date, the label manages five artists and has created a buzz with its niche smooth R&B sound. With the success of the label came the creation of a division called Burgundy Suite Studios, whose passion is to work with artists and brands to create awesome media.

Behind the Name

"When I was a kid, instead of going straight home after school, I used to walk to the hills so I could dream & seep in the view of San Jose. Since then, I've always fallen in love with seeing such grand views & I wanted my company name to embody that feeling. One day, my boo suggested a word "suite" like hotel suite. Right away I pictured an elegant penthouse with the view I so much treasured. Pairing it with my favorite color & there you have it" - Dale the Gentleman

Behind the Branding

With the help of Dale the Gentleman's fellow UC Davis Alumni, Benson Chou (founder of Imaginary Zebra), the mission was to create elegance that represented the drive to succeed and eventually earn the right to reside in a penthouse suite. Despite the matter of unfortunate abbreviation, Benson was able to develop this iconic brand mark by seamlessly integrating the form of the "B" with the curves of the "S".