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Born as Austin Vang-Saelee, record producer Aus10 is rooted in Sacramento, CA.  Given that his father is an eminent drummer of a southeast Asian-American rock band, Aus10 was raised in an unavoidably musical environment.  The collection of genres that influence him on a daily basis attests to his indiscriminatory love of music: R&B, rap, EDM, rock, jazz, and soul.  Aus10’s first foray into music production was for a high school project, and the rest is history.

Even with a mere 20 years of life under his belt, Aus10 has already made a name for himself in the Sacramento music scene. Furthermore, “Another Chick,” produced for fellow Sacramento brethren Deano from Keep It So Solid, hit the airways on Sacramento’s #1 radio station HOT 103.5, won the station’s Battle of the Beats competition, and was subsequently voted by fans into the station’s Hall of Fame.

Aus10’s success in Sacramento eventually spread to the rest of the Bay, evidenced by the steadily rising followers of his music producer Instagram account.  The increased visibility eventually connected Aus10 to Dale the Gentleman, who did not see Aus10 as just a beatmaker, but as a potential record producer, EDM DJ and artist.  Aus10 signed to the label, and is now working with Burgundy Suite Records to take the world by storm.

To date, Aus10 has produced for Iamsu, Bueno, Lil Darrion, Steezy and many more. He also works closely with Sac's Qonthebeat and Hot 103.5's DJ SN1 & Sooshe. Aus10 has also released a couple of his own hit singles including "Body On Me" featuring Aldeezy and Burgundy Suite Records labelmates Kusta & Dale the Gentleman. Follow @aus10onthetrack now for more to come!




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