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Dean Myles aka Deano was born and raised in Sacramento California in 1994. He is a rapper, singer, songwriter signed to Burgundy Suite Records .

In 2001 at the age of 8 Deano started singing in his church choir, which was his first step into music.

In 2003 Deano then at the age of 10 started to write music that he kept to himself in different notepads that was never recorded so Deano just focused on school and took a pause on music.

In 2008 - 2009 Deano picked music back up again and started to write more music. Deano recorded two songs that he called “I’m Feelin You” and “Love So Cold”. When the songs were complete and done Deano released “I’m Feelin You” as a single to share to the public in summer as a summer love type of song.

In 2012 - 2014 Deano started to make more diverse music with the help of his brother James producing beats for him. They made a lot of music and kept it shelved until they felt it was the right time to release it.

In 2015 Deano linked up with label mate Aus10 and they made a song called “Another Bxtch “ which was co produced by James as well. The song had so much of an impact that Hot 103.5 (Sacramento radio station) air the song on the radio. The radio host by the name of Sooshe played the song on the radio almost every night. The song even won a contest called “Battle Of The Beats” on the radio, which had the radio listeners calling in to vote for the best song. This achievement meant everything to Deano because he was finally seeing progress with all the work he has put into his music.

This achievement also led to Deano meeting Dale and the burgundy suite family for the first time. Deano felt the strong support connection with the burgundy suite family and also made more connections with each artist on the label. With making connections he also made music with Kusta and Fabian Nuwa.


In 2016 - 2017 Deano released music and was also featured on a lot of collaborations from a lot of local Sacramento, Bay Area, and LA artist, which also gave him a lot of more spotlight to his music. Deano has also been working on multiple projects and song writing for many other artists’ projects to.

In 2018 Deano is currently signed to The Burgundy Suite Record label, which has always showed him love from day one. This decision was made on a pure hard work ethic in which Burgundy Suite instills in their artist. Deano has been working on a project with Aus10 that they will release in Summer 18 that will also have a follow up album right behind it.

Deano is very much confident in his label mates and management will always keep him on his feet to work harder than ever to get his dreams and goals accomplished.



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