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Brina’s love of music is attributed to her now late older brother, who exposed her to everything from Tamia to SWV.  She began to sing in the church choir and though it wasn’t an intial passion of hers, per se, Brina appreciated the catharsis it could bring when she could not share her frustrations or anger with anyone else.  Growing to love choir, Brina went on to join the choir group in high school and become student director during her 4 years there.  Singing and conducting throughout high school gradually fed her confidence.  By the time Brina was a freshman in college, she began to post singing videos on her YouTube account, which she initially used to keep in touch with friends and family back home. 

Through one of her classes at UC Davis, Brina met now longtime friend Daniel Ha.  Shortly after learning of her singing, Daniel introduced her to Dale, before he was Dale the Gentleman.  Working out of his house, Dale produced for Brina her first song ever – Dream Boy.  This development, along with the occasional video cover, brought Brina to open mic nights.  With years of friendship, mutual trust, and rising confidence, Brina eventually signed as the first artist under Dale the Gentleman’s label, Burgundy Suite Records. 

A proponent of fate, Brina truly believes that everything happens for a reason. Armed with her faith, she has never looked back. Given that Dale the Gentleman has produced her from the beginning and everuthing they have accomplished together since then. Brina knows that the day she met him changed her world for the better. Brina offers her successes thus far, from first singles to performing the national anthem at the 2015 Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors NBA game, up to her late brother, who always supported and believed in her.

To date, Brina has released her debut Burgundy Suite Records project "Misconstrued" EP, executive produced by Dale the Gentleman. Brina has also released a couple of hit singles including "Do It For Me", "Tonight", and many more.

Late 2016, Brina McFall has rebranded to Breenah, to spice up her image and represent her new music direction. Stay tuned for her sophomore project and upcoming single "Friday Nights in LA" featuring Burgundy Suite Records brethren Kusta, produced & directed by Dale the Gentleman. Follow @breenahmusic for more to come!


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