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Music producer Mondale Muong now “Dale Keano”, coined after his and his wife's love for nature (in the Hawaiian language). Growing up, Dale would consistently frequent the recording studio that his dad owned and operated, and became inspired as the singers performed their craft.  As a child, Dale would always hear his dad play beautiful music on the guitar or the Cambodian violin.  Wanting to create beauty as his dad did, Dale figured out how to play melodies on every toy instrument his parents bought him.  From that moment on, his fate was decided.  He would be great someday.

In middle school, Dale’s dad bought him his first guitar and enrolled him into basic classes. Eventually, Dale was hired to teach the same classes in which he had been enrolled just a year before.  Dale’s parents eventually caught onto his talent when they caught him serenading his female classmates at school bus stops, and subsequently enrolled him in violin and piano classes.

Most of the time growing up, Dale lived with his grandmother and uncle, who exposed him to a lot of R&B music. The likes and soul of All 4 One, Boyz II Men, Next, R Kelly, Brian McNight, Jon B, Baby Face, Montell Jordan, Maxwell, Monica, Michael Jackson, Keith Sweat, Charlie Wilson, Jagged Edge, El Debarge, Ginuwine, Tyrese, Joe, Mariah Carey, Diddy, LL Cool J, and Blackstreet define his production style to this day.

While Dale was in high school, his dad became involved in film making, and in 2010 Dale met the director of his dad’s movie.  He exposed Dale to music production, teaching him the basics of producing and how to use software programs.  After high school graduation, Dale got his first piano, a gift from his dad to help with producing.  Dale took his music even more seriously in UC Davis, skipping out on parties in favor of producing and perfecting his craft.  He became further inspired by R&B heartthrobs of the time like Mario, Neyo, Ryan Leslie, Omarion, Chris Brown, Lloyd, Marques Houston, B2K, and Trey Songz. 

During his tenure at UC Davis, his friends and acquaintances began to know Dale as a music producer as he built his brand called, at the time, “Dale Music.”  Dale worked with many of his musical peers at UC Davis, such as Brina McFall, Sergio “Sun Chaser” Sanders, Givenalight, Half Black, and GetRight.  He also performed at many headlining events, the most notable of which being the:
- 2011 South East Asian American Community Concert
- 2011 UC Davis South East Asian Graduation
- 2012 South East Asian American Community Concert
- 2012 UC Davis South East Asian Graduation

Flying on early success, Dale reached close to 3,000 Facebook fans and over 6,000 plays on his MySpace music page, as well as sold over 400 Dale Music t-shirts to his nascent fan base.  After graduating from UC Davis, Dale began to pursue his music career full time and focus on producing. 

The path he has chosen, producing and developing artists, is a difficult one that many will be too fearful to follow.  However, a firm believer in creating your own opportunities and building your own doors when no one else opens them for you, Dale founded the platform through which he would finally manifest his dream: Burgundy Suite Records.

To this date, Dale has released several singles and music videos both individually and with collaboration with his artists, being involved every step of the way - from producing, to writing, to vocal coaching, to engineering, to mixing & mastering, to photo shoots, to artworks, to video shoots and promo. Follow @dalethegentleman for more to come!


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